My Favorite artists:Metallica,Guns N Roses,Slipknot,L.A. Guns,Shinedown,Nirvana,Disturbed-John
Some good Metallica songs are One;Judas Kiss;The House That Jack Built;The Day That Never Comes;Master Of Puppets;Ride The Lightning; No Leaf Clove; Broken,Beat,and scarred;Mercyful fate, the list goes on...-John

Any thing i write will be in blue
I prefer Country over Metal but Metal is still good music.: Alex (Knock em dead Tom(Petty) (I'll write in all black for the Intimidator)
Eternal by Payable on Death (a.k.a. P.O.D.)
Any thing I write will be in red. John, Check out my music wiki. - Josh
Yo dis iz shane writing in italix dont foget that josh likes freddie mercury songs lol
Guns N Roses is cool Sure is ~Alex

no I don't. I only like We will rock you by Queen
No fighting you Two, Ain't no sunshine...
​ ​ (shakes head)
Will You by Payable on Death is pretty sick too.
Stan by Eminem is sick

not afraid is a new song by eminem thats really sick

I'm gonna get the new album soon I'll listen to that as soon as I can
Take me down to the paradise city man! ~Alex
,where the grass is green and the girls are riding the night train,ha ha
All aboard HAHAHAHA!!~Alex (I know I know its Ozzy). Oh wont you please take me home.

external image GunsNRoses.jpg~Alex